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    KeWin lottery terminals

    Maximum availability

    Due to unsurpassed reliability





    Modular product family

    The high degree of modularity of the KEBA lottery terminals makes it possible for the devices to be individually, flexibly and cost-effectively combined in the field. Both systems support all the usual functions on the market. Future expansions and individually adjusted special solutions are possible at any time.

    KeWin multimedia

    The most reliable high-speed lottery terminal around

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    KeWin micro

    The tiny lottery terminal with giant performance

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    Maximum investment protection

    Due to first-class quality and flexible systems

    'Made in Austria'

    The KEBA lottery terminals, produced in Austria, are of first-class quality that is reflected in the high availability of the devices, among other things.

    Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

    A low failure rate relativizes the acquisition costs and ensures maximum customer satisfaction particularly at the points of sale.

    The modular principle

    The KeWin multimedia and KeWin micro systems can be coordinated into a terminal mix to the exact betting slip volumes of the respective point of sale because of its modularity.

    Individually adaptable

    A common hardware and software architecture makes the terminals flexible and economical. Thus, they are perfectly adjustable to the respective requirements depending on needs.

    Thought ahead

    We fulfill all of your requirements - even future ones.

    Whether is the readability of betting slips in a special format or a special color scheme for the housing, the lottery terminals from KEBA will fulfill all these expectations.

    The modularity of the hardware and the software allow exact configuration of the devices according to the respective requirements. Its not a problem if this changes over the course of time. A potential upgrade in the future or necessary expansions are possible at any time with KEBA devices.


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