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    The optimized automation solution for injection molding machines


    The optimized automation solution for injection molding machines


    Scalable and maximum flexibility

    From simple hydraulic injection molding machines up to complex, multi-component systems with robotics for further processing, KePlast controls cover the complete range. Controls of the i1000, i2000 and i8000 series stand out with precision and high productivity, and ensure efficient use of energy.

    The common software platform and the scalable hardware make their use as flexible as possible.
    On request, the KePlast system is delivered as an already assembled control cabinet solution.


    Top quality hardware solutions

    KePlast SpeedPump
    A complete package consisting of a high-dynamic servo drive and a robust, economical hydraulic pump.

    Precise temperature control through hot-runner modules
    The compact modules for controlling heating zones are specially optimized for the control of hot-runner systems.

    Highly optimized, industry-specific compact modules
    In addition to an extensive range of standard I/O modules, highly optimized modules such as block I/O modules with a large number of I/Os and temperature control modules for hot-runner systems are available.

    Software makes the difference

    Whether single-board computer or complex modular system, whether for hydraulic, hybrid or all-electric injection molding machines – all KePlast systems are based on a fully scalable control and software platform.

    KePlast EasyNet MES


    Process monitoring for maximum productivity

    KePlast EasyNet is a simple, user-friendly program to economically network injection molding machines and is ideally suited for central data acquisition and backup. With KePlast EasyNet, you have an overview of your production machines at all times and short reaction times ensure maximum productivity.

    Status of all machines at a glance

    With EasyNet, the production or shift manager can access all machines that are in the network. EasyNet provides, among other things, the production status, the quality data and the productivity data of each individual machine on the control station PC or on a smartphone.

    Integration of third-party machines

    In a production hall, one often finds machines from a variety of manufacturers. With the optional EasyNet AccessBox extension, machines that are not controlled with a KePlast control can be integrated in the EasyNet network.

    Current production status available at any time

    KePlast EasyNet Mobile is an extension of the Easy-Net control station software for making the data available for mobile end devices. Important characteristic values such as current cycle time, scrap rate and utilization rate are available on the mobile end device.

    KePlast ServiceNet

    Remote maintenance - in seconds at your machine

    Service technicians from KEBA as well as machine manufacturers can use a user-friendly software tool to quickly and comfortably process incoming support requests. At the click of the mouse, a secure connection is established with the respective injection molding machine and the technician on-site.

    Worldwide access

    Fast, worldwide access to process data for service and support as well as simple remote diagnosis are as easy and uncomplicated as the convenient support of the operating personnel during application and process queries.

    Independence from IT integration

    No intervention in the IT network, firewall or Internet connection of the respective company is needed to set up a secure and fast ServiceNet connection. Communication takes place via a completely autonomous, direct UMTS/HSPA modem connection (3G) by means of a secure VPN tunnel.

    Reduction of travel costs

    Service can be performed independent of location – whether in the service headquarters of the machine manufacturer or on-site during a service call.


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