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    • KeMotion

    The fastest robotics solution for the packaging industry

    Multi-robot pick & place

    KeMotion Packaging complements the strengths of KeMotion with additional special packaging functions – it is optimized for the requirements of the packaging industry.

    The highest throughput rates as well as maximum flexibility for product changeovers and program changes are guaranteed.
    On request, the KeMotion Packaging system is delivered as an already assembled control cabinet solution.

    Better packaging thanks to unique KeMotion features

    4 x faster through parameterization

    instead of programming during commissioning and product changeovers. Wizards and templates make it possible.

    More user friendly thanks to intuitive operation

    The intuitive operating concept supports during project work, commissioning, operation and product changeovers

    Optimized through simulation

    The Real World Simulation Package simulation tool shows already in the planning phase how the real system actually performs.

    More productive with 220 picks/min & intelligent look-ahead function

    Extremely fast and yet very smooth movements with up to 220 picks/minute with maximum energy efficiency thanks to intelligence and look-ahead function

    High-performance control, drive and safety technology

    Easy integration of peripheral components

    User-friendly engineering

    Modern HMI for intuitive teach-in

    KeMotion Packaging

    System set-up

    Real World Simulation Package

    Perfectly optimized machines

    With the Real World Simulation Package, system concepts can be realistically simulated even before the system is constructed. Robots, robot cells and entire robot lines can thereby be laid out easily and quickly. The 3D simulation shows already in the planning phase how the real system later actually performs.

    This reduces the development time and increases the machine performance. Moreover, offers can be created during the sales process more quickly and with increased certainty.

    Unique advantages

    • Create, optimize, validate and visualize entire line concepts
    • Simulation based on the dynamic behavior of the actual robots
    • Visualization of the dynamic effects in the product and carton infeed
    • Identification of the optimum pick & place strategy
    • Ready-made functions for system optimization and efficiency improvement

    4x faster during commissioning and product changeovers

    Parametrizing instead of programming
    The KEBA motto of “parameterizing instead of programming” guarantees perfect packaging machines in record time. Numerous intelligent wizards and templates support the user. These make the successful implementation of pick & place applications easier than ever.

    Open for every camera
    In just a few steps, any camera can be parameterized and connected to the KeMotion control. Cognex® cameras are already preconfigured in the system and can be integrated even more quickly.

    PackML more quickly implemented
    With the OMAC-compliant PackML template from KeMotion Packaging, machines and robot applications can thereby be created according to the structure specified by the standard. The visualization of the machine state is realized via HMI masks for mobile and stationary display devices.

    Tracking easily realized
    Tracking applications, including cameras and conveyor belts, are set up easily and quickly, step-by-step via individual masks. The convenient checking and optimization of the system with respect to capacity utilization and performance is done via special state masks.

    Perfect packaging machines in record time

    The decisive steps ahead
    thanks to high-end functions

    KeMotion Packaging offers technology modules for intelligent process control. These facilitate an improvement in efficiency and maximize the productivity of packaging machines.


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