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    • Simple engineering


      An easy-to-use engineering suite that features tailor-made industry applications


    With KeStudio you reach your objectives easily and quickly

    Ready-to-use wizards and tailor-made industry applications in an engineering environment

    KeStudio is the all-in-one engineering suite for all phases of the automation process. From configuration to programming to diagnosis and simulation, KEBA offers customers a comprehensive engineering environment.

    Ready-to-use applications, intuitive wizards as well as tailor-made industry applications in KeStudio Motion, KeStudio Plast, KeStudio View and KeStudio FlexCore ensure fast project lead times.



    commissioning thanks to ready-to-use applications


    HMI designer with many modules and layouts

    3D simulation

    for profitable optimizations


    diagnosis for maximum machine availability

    KeStudio configuration

    KeStudio Konfiguration

    Intuitive configuration of controls

    Easy-to-use operating elements such as structured selection boxes guarantee fast configuration of the entire control.

    • General configuration (robot configuration, axis configuration, etc.)
    • Fieldbus master and slave configuration (EtherCAT, Sercos III, CANopen)

    KeStudio control programming

    KeStudio Steuerungsprogrammierung

    Wide range of possibilities for the most efficient control programming

    The possibilities range from the programming of classic control tasks to smartly calling C/C++ modules directly from the IEC runtime system to object-oriented extensions.

    • Programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3 as well as C/C++
    • Support of all programming languages defined according to IEC 61131-3 (ST, AWL, KOP, FBS, AS)
    • Object-oriented extensions for the efficient development of complex control tasks and simple variant management

    KeStudio visualization configuration

    KeStudio Visualisierungsprojektierung

    Smart configuration of customer-specific visualizations

    Individual visualization masks can be easily created using drag & drop.
    With the KeStudio WYSIWYG designer, your custom visualization is quickly completed.

    • Wide selection of extensive widget libraries with standard masks, diagnostic functions, I/O monitoring and much more
    • Development of applications with flexible Java-based extensions
    • Adaptation of the visualization to your corporate design using the central styling editor

    KeStudio safety configuration

    KeStudio Safety-Konfiguration

    Graphic interfaces and pre-made safety function modules

    The graphic interface for safety programming supports the user-friendly creation of everything from simple safety applications to more complex safe robotics applications.

    • Terminal diagram view for configuring the hardware
    • The function diagram view is used for programmatically linking the input modules and axes to be monitored, to the outputs of the safety controller and the safe peripheral devices
    • Turn-key safety function blocks: Safe PLC, Safe Motion, Safe Robotics

    KeStudio drive commissioning

    KeStudio Antriebsinbetriebnahme

    Quick commissioning and maximum drive optimization

    KeStudio offers many mechanisms for quick commissioning and maximum optimization of drives.
    * Dialog-based commissioning of drives with graphic support

    • Automated configuration by reading out the electronic motor rating plate
    • Series commissioning with the help of a commissioning file
    • Practical and intuitive diagnostic instruments

    KeStudio diagnosis & simulation

    KeStudio Diagnose & Simulation

    Perform simulation and diagnosis easily and quickly in every phase of the automation process

    Whether in the development phase, during commissioning and application optimization or during running operation – practical simulation tools and diagnostic programs guarantee the shortest project lead times and maximum machine availabilities.

    • Development phase: debug functionalities such as breakpoints, watchpoints as well as a variable monitor, etc.
    • Commissioning and optimization: simulation programs for robots and injection molding machines
    • Machine/robot drive: easily generate status reports on the machine and analyze them offline stress-free

    KeStudio Open Tools platform

    KeStudio Open Tools Plattform

    Expand KeStudio with custom configuration, programming and diagnostic plug-ins

    With the “Open Tools platform” option, KeStudio can be adapted to individual requirements. It is thereby possible to, e.g., easily set up the series production of software or seamlessly integrate your own programming interfaces.

    • Expansion of the drive configuration mask for integrating custom drives
    • Generic interface that is controlled by means of an XML file for configuring your application
    • Seamlessly integrated .NET plug-ins for custom configuration / diagnostic masks or editors for programming

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    KeControl FlexCore

    KeControl FlexCore

    The open control platform for individual control solutions

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    Mobile and stationary visualization solutions

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