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    KePlus Lifecycle Service

    Always there for you

    Our lifecycle service concept accompanies you through the entire life cycle of your KePlus system.

    Starting with a time-saving and professional start-up, KEBA looks after all services regarding your KePlus system. Regular maintenance ensures a high availability of your devices.

    You can keep your KePlus self-service systems up-to-date with our upgrades and integrate individual solutions. We are here for you if you want to change the location of your KePlus systems and support you with the change of location. In the last phase of your KePlus system’s service life, KEBA will also support you with the exchange of your old self-service system.

    Maintenance services

    The availability of your KePlus systems is ensured by our maintenance services. We make it possible for you to follow your self-service strategy with an individual combination of services.


    Preventative maintenance

    To pre-empt failures of the self-service systems, KePlus Service carries out preventative maintenance in which all KePlus system components are checked, cleaned, tested and also repaired if necessary.

    On-site repairs

    If an unexpected operating fault should occur with your KePlus terminal, you can also rely on our trained technicians within the KePlus maintenance service!

    Service level agreements

    Due to individually agreed Service Level Agreements, you can define what reaction times and repair times you wish in case of malfunctions.


    High quality of service

    KEBA Certified Servicepartner

    In order to be able to offer our customers a high-quality service worldwide, KEBA relies on its experienced KEBA Certified Service Partners. As a result, we can guarantee you a consistent, satisfactory service outcome.

    The service partners are certified by our coordinated training program for service partners which are taken by all of our partner’s service technicians.

    Training packages

    KEBA is happy to train your helpdesk employees.


    Sales or project employees get a detailed overview of technology and facts related to the systems.

    System supervisors do an important job and keep the availability of KePlus systems high.


    During training, advisers receive an overview of system components and device handling.

    You are interested in our training courses and want more information? Please contact our training manager using the contact form below.

    Retrofitting existing equipment


    Upgrade to protect your investment

    Technical development in the bank automation branch is progressing steadily and opens up new possibilities for implementing additional features in cash recyclers and non-cash terminals.

    KEBA offers a number of these new features for existing equipment, consequently KEBA products can be consistently kept up to date with the latest technical standards, even after initial operation.

    Increased safety and feature extensions

    Our upgrades include a broad portfolio of safety solutions and feature extensions for all of our products.

    Should you not find the feature you are looking for in our portfolio, we would be happy to advise you on individual retrofitting solutions.

    Retro-fitting functions is possible at any time in a KePlus systems lifecycle.
    Use KEBA-certified consumables to keep your KePlus self-service systems running smoothly.

    Consumables and cleaning materials

    Convenient shopping in our online shop

    KEBA consumables can be purchased directly from the KEBA online shop. The offer includes the most common materials such as thermal paper rolls, cleaning sets and ink ribbons.

    If you have not yet registered for our online shop, request your webshop access now by clicking on "registration".

    Visit Online Shop

    Safeguarding smooth operation

    High-quality consumables make a significant contribution to the efficient and smooth-running operation of a KePlus product.

    Consumables from KEBA are optimally matched to KePlus products and subsequently offer the best performance level when operating our products.

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